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M e d i a

An ongoing collection of piece's we have composed, performed and collaborated on, and more!

Emerge on Main - Full performance video out now!

Check out our full Emerge on Main set live from the Fox Cabaret!


Filmed live Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Video courtesy of Music on Main

Filmed by Collide Entertainment:

Director - Mike Southworth

Camera Operators - Adam PW Smith and Brandon Fletcher

Editor - Doug Fury

Audio Engineer - Andrew Smith

Flutter & Hiss - Out Now!

Click here to hear what we created during our Flutter and Hiss recording session at What Lab!

The video is a sneak peak of what we got up to during the session

Video by Matthew Winter

Doc-in-a-box with Music on Main (2022)

We were given a box of film gear by Music on Main to talk about our lives and inspirations!

"Asphyxiation" at Modulus Festival (2021)

This is our second performance of our original composition "Asphyxiation," performed at the Roundhouse. Huge thanks to Music on Main for having us!

Debut of "Asphyixation" at Vines Art Festival (2021)

This piece embodies human relationships with nature and our growing dependence on technology. Through the juxtaposition of tense and serene sounds – synthesized and natural – we want to encompass the preciousness of water and the power of resistance against what corrupts it.
What do we have to unlearn to reverse corruption?

Debut of "Pastel Places" at Simon Fraser University's Music + Sound Festival (2019)

This original composition is the first piece we created and performed together before we officially became Sapphire Haze. It is a reflection of our unique experiences with synaestheisa, representing a wide range of colours and shapes through sound. 

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